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Photo by Cindy Tang on Unsplash

Apparently, I’m the last one in the world to discover this Chrome Browser’s hidden functionality.

Today I was frustrated because I wanted to test my web app on my localhost with SSL on, and the Chrome browser refused to serve the page on the grounds that my “connection is not private”.

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Disinformation can deceive “even the very elect.”

The following message was adapted from a talk I gave at a couple of church congregations the last Sunday of 2020. It feels even more relevant today (January 6, 2021) due to the riot and invasion perpetrated against the US Capitol.

Misinformation and Disinformation

We just celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ. As He began his ministry, word got out about his way of teaching and what people saw as “new doctrine.” The apostle John tells us what some people said:

Of a truth this is the Prophet.

Others said, This is the Christ. But some…

A book that could be bound or created from separate pdf documents
A book that could be bound or created from separate pdf documents
Photo by Studio Media on Unsplash

I had several PDF files that I wanted to put together into a booklet. In other words, I wanted a single PDF file that I could send to different people and devices and use it as a collection instead of individually. And even better, without paying for new software (free of charge).

A quick search for how to merge PDF files resulted in several results. I found this article where 5 ways are described in detail for Linux. I’m running Linux (Ubuntu) on the computer I wanted to do this, but this should work on Macs as well. …

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Este es un saludable y además delicioso pozole que comí en Tequisquiapan, México

Varios amigos me han preguntado qué hago para mantenerme sano. Sobretodo cuando se enteran que nunca he tomado bebidas alcohólicas. Una amiga dijo algo como “¡qué sería de tí si tomaras!”, después de que estuviera un poco hiperactivo en una fiesta reciente (y sin tomar una pizca de alcohol).

También me han preguntado qué hago para verme más jóven. De esto creo que se lo debo más que nada a mis genes porque mis padres se ven más jóvenes de lo que son. Siempre me he visto menor, aún cuando no quisiera (por ejemplo durante la escuela secundaria y preparatoria…

La Liga MX es la número 4 del mundo en cuanto a asistencia a partidos. Sin embargo, pocos dirían que es la número 4 del mundo en cuanto a nivel deportivo. A menos que le pregunten al Cuau.

Aunque es una de las ligas más populares, la asistencia a los estadios ha disminuído en los últimos años. Si bien esta disminución es menor al 10%, sus dirigentes deben tomar cartas en el asunto.

No solamente se debe velar por la popularidad de la liga, sino para que aumente su nivel futbolístico. Uno no puede ignorar que ligas de menor nivel…

Quick tale of fixing an ssh connection from a macbook to a remote linux server.

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Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra on Unsplash

I started to have problems connecting remotely via ssh to some of my servers. I didn’t bother to investigate except for checking my VPN connection settings because I can connect fine when I’m at the office. I found out I was actually using the wrong VPN server, so I made some changes there, but that didn’t fix the issue.

Yesterday I needed to connect to continue doing my work, and didn’t want to make a trip to the office just because of this problem. …

The Angular team has shared what’s on their minds with the Angular community at ng-conf 2019

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Misko in zero Gravity — that’s how we felt at ng-conf.

A New Open Era

Stephen Fluin and Misko Hevery took the stage for the keynote on the last day of ng-cong 2019 and shared what is on the Angular team’s mind. Fluinn leads developer relations and Hevery is the creator and benevolent dictator of Angular.

Angular is an open source project. But until now, we didn’t know exactly what the Angular team is thinking of as far as future plans, or what experiments they are pursuing. …

Learn to run static code analysis on your Angular Typescript project.

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Angular + Fortify for the win

Recently, I started a small Angular application that acts as an installer for a distributed API Gateway application. As part of our testing and quality engineering, we always inspect our web applications. However, we hadn’t done much with static code analysis. It was mostly security dynamic analysis over our client and server communication. Fortify is a product that we have used for this since the company that I work for owns it, and recently they added support for Typescript in their static code analysis. So this was a great opportunity to use it on our Angular project.

About Fortify

Fortify is a…

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Yes, this is me during the conference in 2018. I look better in other pictures.

Last year, I was fortunate to receive a free ticket to attend ng-conf, the largest Angular conference in the world. I had participated remotely on previous years, or at least watched some of the presentations afterwards, but had never attended in person.

I was pleasantly surprised in the organization and quality of the conference. Similar to how some people like to share what they just tasted with their loved ones, I too wanted to share what I experienced. …

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Photo by Leonardo Yip on Unsplash

Como la mayoría de los sábados por la mañana, hoy hice pancakes para mi familia. Pero esta vez yo ni los probé. Mejor me comí los huevos a la mexicana que me sobraron de ayer. Si no lo hago, nadie en mi familia se los comerá y se echarán a perder. Y no le digan a nadie, pero prefiero los huevos con frijoles refritos y tortillas de harina hechas a mano que los pancakes. Claro, acompañados con jalapeños en vinagre.

Un buen desayuno siempre es bueno, pero hoy especialmente porque empieza la Conferencia General de La Iglesia de Jesucristo de…

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